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Kevin Huo graduated from the University of Alaska Fairbanks in 2021 with a major in Anthropology and Political Science. Kevin has recently won a Learnie's Award for his film for the UAF Climate Scholars Program, is an avid audio/podcast producer, and has continued his interest in Anthropology and Political Science today through his experiences in Alaska and around the world. Kevin values community building, culture exchange, and fostering a genuine passion for the world as a central focus of his studies. Kevin is fluent in both English and Chinese and practicing German and Russian. On-campus Kevin served as the KSUA Radio 91.5FM Production Director, a formal virtual intern for the U.S. State Department Office of Ocean and Polar Affairs focused on ‘Arctic Youth Engagement’, was a former Undergraduate Research Fellow studying Gaps in Care for Students on Campus related to Medical Anthropology. Kevin enjoys films, music for the vibes, and telling the stories we are all living. Currently Kevin is working with the Alaska Center ICE as an Innovation Fellow, this fall Kevin will be a graduate student at UAF in Arctic and Northern studies program. 

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